Trump: "I'm a jerk, but who the hell cares?"

As GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio campaigned here in South Carolina yesterday with his ensemble of high profile supporters (Gov. Nikki Haley), Sen. Tim Scott (TP-South Carolina), and Congressman Trey Gowdy (Chairman of the Benghazi Committee), a solitary reporter wondered how often Rubio, a Roman Catholic, would discuss Pope Francis’ highly publicized criticism of Donald Trump.


As it turns out, he didn’t have to, because the percentage of Roman Catholics in the Palmetto State is only about 3%.


In Myrtle Beach, the solitary reporter was amazed to hear Donald Trump reveal that even he, the most conspicuous narcissist in the nation, has some degree of self-understanding.


Trump cited polls that showed him having the most support on the economy, national security, and immigration. “The only thing I’m a little weak on,” the mega-billionaire said, “is my personality, but who the hell cares?


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