How Do Collisions Between Two Black Holes Compare To What Happens When Trump Collides With His GOP Opponents?

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA –  As reported by The New York Times on Thursday, a team of scientists has announced that they have heard and recorded the sound of two black holes colliding some one billion light years away. They heard a fleeting chirp that fulfilled the last prediction in Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.


There is an analogy here to the activities of a certain xenophobic, obnoxious, hateful mega-billionaire when he campaigns for the nomination of the Republican Party for the presidency of these here United States: observe closely how he will collide this evening here in Greenville on the debate stage with unTrustworthy Ted, Jeb!, and Robotic Marco Rubio, and we’re all waiting to see how he collides with John Kasich, the nice man who came in second in New Hampshire after the Chief Narcissist of the United States seemingly recovered his mojo after coming in second to Cruz in Iowa.


Campaigning here in South Carolina, and seeking to persuade hardline fundamentalists that his constant rants and raves about the supremacy of religion over everything else should persuade voters in The Palmetto State to vote for him in the second GOP presidential primary, Cruz was asked by a solitary Baptist ahead of this evening’s debate whether he believes in what the scientists have concluded.


“Of course not! Cruz responded. It’s not in the Bible, so it didn’t happen. There was no Big Bang because it is not in the Bible.”


Count on Cruz to win the South Carolina primary a week from today.


And then watch Donald Trump, assuming the form of the US Army’s best tank, colliding with Cruz when they appear in Houston on February 25 for yet another debate. That collision will produce a great deal more than a fleeting chirp.


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