With Christie Gone, Who Will Lead the Dump Trump Effort?

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA – Now that Donald Trump has successfully blustered his way to a primary win in The Granite State, observers of the political scene have pointed out that, in the run-up to the February 20 GOP presidential primary in The Palmetto State, dirty tricks will be the order of the day (http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/south-carolina-dirty-tricks-republicans-219116).


And since Ted Cruz started the dirty tricks in Iowa by misleading caucus-goers enamored of Ben Carson into thinking that Carson had already quit the race when he emphatically had not, might we suppose that Carson will pull a trick or two on Cruz? An eye for an eye, and all that?


But the real problem is that after New Hampshire, Chris Christie is done. It was Christie in the most recent GOP presidential debate who most vociferously lambasted Trump. Will Jeb! have enough energy to take Chris’ place? Don’t count on it.


Another casualty of New Hampshire is Carly Fiorina, which means that the next time Republican presidential wannabes get on a debate stage together, Trump won’t have a woman’s face to disparage. 


Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the only half-decent Republican running for president, might be able to come in ahead of Trump simply by being the antithesis of the mega-billionaire.


That leaves us with Rubio the Ranting Robot. With his boyish good looks and normally energetic presence, can Marco save save us from The Apocalypse which is sure to happen if The Donald is elected?


Rubio does have the advantage of being seen as driving his campaign bus on I-95 South both in the establishment lane and in the tea party lane, but, dear readers, have no fear, either Hillary or Bernie will whip whomever the Republicans put up.


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