Trump In Arizona At His Wall (Not In New Hampshire)

SASABE, ARIZONA — It may seem as though Donald Trump debated a few other AlphaMale presidential candidates on the stage in New Hampshire this evening, but guess again.


Remember The Donald’s blustering entrance into the race on June 16, emphasizing, above all, how he will make Mexico pay for Trump’s Wall on the southern borders of the United States?


Here in Sasabe, a border town near Arivaca but farther south yet, at the very southern end of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, three men met in a most strange embrace. Two were Americans, and the other was Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.


Pena Nieto, now greatly relieved that El Chapo is back in prison, was startled to find that Trump had not only erected a big, muy grande wall here, he already had prepared the bill to give to the Mexican president.


But Pena Nieto had other ideas. “The Trump Organization has so many pesos, so many dollars, it doesn’t even know how to count them,” he said. “Donaldo, you pay for it, then we'll tear it down just like Reagan made Gorbachev tear down the wall in Berlin!"


The third man was a solitary reporter who had been conducting an intensive investigation into the activities of the Department of Homeland Security west of  the twin cities of Nogales. As soon as Trump, using his explosion detector, spotted him, he hoisted the solitary reporter on top of his wall and thrust him directly onto Pena Nieto who, not to be deterred, pushed him back to Trump, who repeated the favor. 


DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson quickly swooped in with a helicopter and carried the solitary reporter from Sonora to his home in Denver, where he will continue to report on the news that didn’t happen.



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