Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes Win, Trump Loses, Other GOP Presidential Candidates Win

TRUMPVILLE – Donald Trump has declared war on Roger Ailes, the CEO of Fox News.


Ailes, a Republican, is standing by Megyn Kelly. The Donald does not like her. Sensible people do not like him.


Trump will, Thank God!, not be on the stage tomorrow evening with seven other GOP presidential wannabes in Fox News’ GOP presidential debate. But Megyn (whose husband, Douglas Brunt, is a lucky man) will be one of the moderators of the debate. The Donald’s absence Is directly related to the presence of Megyn.


Instead, Trump, ever a publicity hound, has said that he will be holding a fundraiser for veterans somewhere in Iowa, so that the other candidates can, for once, have the opportunity to debate each other instead of worrying about being dissed by Trump.


These days, the establishment Republicans are pointing fingers at each other in the blame game. If Trump gets the nomination, they have only themselves to blame.


America, get ready for a superbly qualified woman president. Her first name is not Carly.


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