Trump Buys Hyper-Conservative New Hampshire Newspaper Which Had Endorsed Christie

Ever eager to provide material to a solitary reporter for this online satirical newspaper, Donald Trump, in a characteristic fit of pique, yesterday bought Joseph McQuaid’s New Hampshire Union Leader (formerly known as The Manchester Union Leader).


After the Union Leader endorsed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for the Republican presidential nomination last month, Trump lambasted McQuaid for being “Christie’s lap dog.”


Trump is now leading in New Hampshire at 26%. The Union Leader is the only statewide print newspaper in the Granite State, and it is well known for its very conservative views. After installing his own lap dog to write editorials for the paper, Trump’s new newspaper, astonishly enough, endorsed him, and Christie went back to New Jersey to continue governing, more or less, which is exactly what Trump said Christie should be doing, rather than taking up residence in New Hampshire.


Trump has renamed his new newspaper. The new name is The Donald's Daily Rant.


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