LaPierre Is Way Too Busy These Days

SAN BERNARDINO – The NRA’s top gun, Wayne LaPierre, has had a busy travel schedule recently.

As observed remotely by a solitary reporter, LaPierre was in Colorado Springs on Friday, observing Robert Dear kill three people at a Planned Parenthood facility. Dear used an assault weapon to kill his victims during a five-hour rampage; one of his victims was a campus police officer who responded to the emergency.

Today, LaPierre is here in San Bernardino, where three gunmen armed with assault weapons killed 14 people at a government building serving people with disabilities, and then ran like the cowards they are.

In response to Friday’s shooting, Colorado State Representative JoAnn Windholz, a Republican, blamed Planned Parenthood for the violence perpetrated by Robert Dear.

Numerous Republican elected officials have decried the mass shooting in Colorado Springs. Several of them have stridently condemned Planned Parenthood.

Our associate solitary reporter, Lewis Thompson, observed LaPierre telephoning numerous American manufacturers of assault weapons, urging them to keep on making weapons designed to kill a lot of people very quickly. 

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