In Jordan, Carson Looks In Vain For Rabid Dogs

AMMAN, JORDAN – Pretending to learn something about foreign policy — a subject on which he is conspicuously ignorant — GOP presidential wannabe Ben Carson recently visited the Zaatari Refugee Camp, which houses Syrians who have fled one of the most vicious civil wars known to mankind. The Zaatari Refugee Camp is located only a few miles south of Syria, and it is rapidly turning into a permanent site.

Before he left, Carson, the retired neurosurgeon, referred to people fleeing Syria as “rabid dogs.”

Once he arrived at the refugee camp, as observed remotely by a solitary reporter, Carson asked King Abdullah II, who accompanied him, where the rabid dogs were.

Neither man was able to see any; but they did see 83,000 refugees from Syria, clustered in tents, wondering whether they will ever be able to return to their homeland.

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