Kim Davis, the elected Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, has made history.

Justice Kennedy’s ruling in June in favor of gay marriage did not sit well with Ms. Davis.

After several gay couples applied to her for marriage licenses, she refused to do so, prompting a lawsuit against her in federal court. Ordered to issue the licenses under the law of the land, she adamantly refused to issue marriage licenses to any couples, whether gay or straight.

So US District Judge David Bunning, appointed to the federal bench by Bush Two, held her in contempt of court and had federal marshals put her in jail, noting that if he had simply imposed a fine on her, her numerous out-of-state backers would pay the fine.

When asked under whose authority she took this action, Davis said, “Under God’s authority.” Davis, an Apostolic Christian, worships three times a week at Solid Rock Church here in her home town.

She is being supported by her junior senator and Tea Party presidential candidate, Rand Paul, as well as by GOP presidential candidate The Rev. Mike Huckabee.

Thus Clerk Davis — who has been married four times to three different men — is in jail, where, as a solitary reporter who visited her earlier today witnessed, she is avidly and with great joy comparing herself to early Christian martyrs Perpetua and Felicity. They were martyred in Carthage in 203 after refusing to comply with a decree issued by the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus. Septimus’ decree forbade anyone from converting to Christianity.

“ SR,” Davis said. “My faith is, just like the name of my church, a solid rock, so I expect to be here in jail on account of my faith in perpetuity, and I am happy about that."

Davis also told the solitary reporter that, as a lifelong Democrat in Eastern Kentucky, she does not understand why every other Democrat in the United States embraces, accepts, or acknowledging the pure logic and compassion of allowing two people who love each other to marry.

“I am ever so much more conservative than Mitch McConnell,” Davis, 49, continued, “so I am gonna run against him in 2020, by which time the old geezer will be 79. Praise God!”

Elsewhere, Tom Brady, the beneficiary of a recent judicial ruling overturning his four-game suspension, publicly thanked Donald Trump for calling him a friend. “I’ll do everything I can,” Brady told our associate solitary reporter, Lewis Thompson, “to cheat Don Trump into the White House."

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