Yesterday evening, at a small public library, internationally renowned zero waste proponent Dr. Paul Connett explained in detail why the Denver Zoo should not be allowed to have a “waste to energy gasification facility” in a residential area.

Dr. Connett, who has visited solid waste facilities and incinerators around the world, said that the Denver Zoo’s facility, which was approved by the Denver City Council over the protests of community activists on December 15, 2014, is a “rinky-dink” commercial operation, the critical details of which are, among other things, shrouded in trade secrets not available to the public.

Under the Zoo’s plan, poop from the Zoo’s animals, as well as food waste from the thousands of visitors attracted to the Zoo every year, are to be placed in what by any other name is an incinerator.

After the presentation, a solitary reporter accosted Denver Mayor Michael B Hancock, Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks, and Shannon Block, the CEO of the Denver Zoo Foundation, and asked them why they ever thought of such a foolish idea.

The trio snickered at the solitary reporter, explaining that the Zoo needs a feel-good facility.

Associate solitary reporter Bridget Walsh told the solitary reporter not to worry, because the “zoo poop” facility is sure to violate environmental laws.

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