Earlier today, Donald Trump, leading the GOP presidential polling sweepstakes, was escorted to what remains of the "Hanoi Hilton” by Sen. John McCain (R. Arizona) and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. Their arrival here was observed from a distance by a solitary reporter. McCain was a nonpaying guest at the Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War, a foolish war in which he served with great distinction. 

Trump, the 69-year-old bellicose billionaire brat, has, since June 14, been running his presidential campaign on a platform of blatant xenophobia with a strong admixture of contempt for anybody who disagrees with him. Yesterday, The Donald belittled McCain, saying “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” McCain, a naval aviator, was shot down during the Vietnam war and was held prisoner for more than five years in Hanoi, refusing early release even after being repeatedly beaten. 

Although Trump wowed the crowds at the Iowa Family Leadership Summit over the weekend, he can’t seem to explain which of his feet earned him a draft deferment during the Vietnam War.

Trump and McCain have been engaged in a war of words over the past week, ever since McCain said that Mr. Trump was riling up the “crazies” in the GOP with his inflammatory remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico. Priebus and McCain lured Trump to Hanoi with the promise that the Vietnamese would let him build the biggest, most expensive casino hotel in Asia.

The trip to Hanoi was Priebus’ brainchild, because his party is certain to lose the presidential election as long as The Donald is grabbing headlines.

Shortly after the trio of Priebus, McCain, and Trump arrived, they were greeted by Vietnam's Prime Minister, Nguyen Tan Dung, who escorted them to Lao Bao Prison. There, Priebus and McCain, with a large coterie of guards, led Trump to his cell, where he remains in solitary confinement. Trump’s incarceration there was secretly arranged in advance by Secretary of State John Kerry and Vietnam’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pham Binh Minh, as part of President Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership initiative.

The trio's visit was not conceived in emulation of President Obama's recent visit to a federal prison in Oklahoma.

Our alert associate solitary reporter, Jacqueline Arnold, has pointed out that there is a rare caterpillar deep in the Amazon jungle which perfectly resembles whatever it is that is on The Donald’s head. Here is Jacqueline’s link:

As of press time, the length of Trump’s confined visit to Vietnam has not been determined, but we are given to understand from our moles within the RNC that Trump will not be released until December 2016, at the earliest.

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