TRUMPVILLE, NEW YORK —The Donald is in.

Emphatically trying to take away Jeb’s luster (and bluster) from the former Florida governor’s long-awaited announcement yesterday in Miami, Donald Trump, sporting slightly more hair than the last time he yelled at anybody, is running to be the leader of the Free (for capitalism) World.

Carefully controlling the upbeat music, the Founder and former Chairman of Trump Entertainment Resorts said, "I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.”

Trump did not, however, expound on his previous efforts to prove that President B. Hussein Obama Jr. was born outside the United States.

Trump’s entry into the race brings the number of GOP presidential candidates to 12.

In yesterday’s post, we assembled Karl Rove’s dream team, The GOP Presidential Candidates Football Team, and offered our speculations as to which positions on the field should be assigned to each candidate when the GOP Presidential Candidates Football Team takes on Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium.

But we didn’t give any positional assignment to The Donald.

Our associate solitary reporter, Louis Thompson, was first out of the gate. “SR,” he said, “When the Seattle Seahawks play on their home turf in Century Link Stadium, there Is always a 12th Man. The Donald is nothing if not a loudmouth. That will be his assignment.”

And it is.

Reached at his office in Georgetown, in the Nation’s Capital, Rove had no comment.

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