CLEVELAND — Number 23 for the Cavs is thinking about running for president.

Although a solitary reporter was hoping that LeBron James would become the 11th Republican to run against Bernie Sanders for president, some quick and dirty research disclosed that LeBron is a Democrat. This was a substantial disappointment for the solitary reporter, because he was really hoping that one of the most popular athletes in the world would take on super conservative neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

“Tough break, SR,” LeBron said as he left the Cavaliers locker room yesterday evening after his team lost to the Golden State Warriors to tie the NBA finals at two games apiece. “But I’m an Obama man.”

The solitary reporter then asked the superstar to support Bernie.

“Bernie who?”

When the solitary reporter explained why Bernie should be elected president, James said he might as well run for president as well, but only as a Democrat.

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