Earthy Day, 2015, When Everything in Denver Is Green

DENVER — Every year in the Mile High City on April 20, pot smokers get stoned in or near Civic Center Park, in the heart of Denver. This year was no exception.

Violating federal law as well as Colorado law, marijuana enthusiasts gathered this year on 4/20 at Lincoln Park, a conspicuously public park located between the Colorado State Capitol and Denver’s City and County Building. One hundred ninety-six of them (out of one thousand participants) received citations from Denver’s Finest, after being warned that smoking marijuana in public is illegal, even in Colorado.

But this year there was added excitement.

As observed by a solitary reporter, DEA Director Michele Leonhart appeared at the 4/20 event and caused a riot when she tried to arrest all 1,000 pot smokers. Leonhart was recently forced to retire by the Obama Administration because she refused to follow President Obama’s lead on the sticky issue of how to enforce federal laws against marijuana in states which have permitted medical or recreational marijuana. She also failed to satisfy a Congressional oversight committee when grilled about the DEA culture, in which DEA agents have had sex parties in Columbia with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels. 

Leonhart is a career DEA agent who rose through the ranks and was promoted by Bush Two to head the agency on an interim basis, and President Obama nominated her in 2010 to head the agency. In recent years, she has angered the Administration for appearing to resist federal rules relaxing enforcement on marijuana as some states have moved to legalize the drug for medicinal and recreational use.

Three years ago, in an amusing but damning exchange with Congressman Jared Polis, a Democrat from Boulder, Leonhart resisted describing methamphetamines or heroin as worse for someone’s health than marijuana. “All illegal drugs are bad,” she repeated like a third-grade mantra.

Toting a submachine gun, Leonhart asked the solitary reporter how to locate Colorado marijuana advocates Rob Corry and Mason Tvert, so she could arrest them, but the solitary reporter denied any knowledge of either of them. The Denver police then arrested Leonhart for carrying a dangerous weapon without a permit, but Rocky Mountain Gun Owners' top gunslinger, Dudley Brown, immediately interposed himself between the police and Leonhart, as he shouted, “The Second Amendment is the only part of the Constitution that matters!”

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre bailed Brown out of jail after Brown was taken down by the cops for disturbing the peacefulness of the day and for resisting arrest.

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