PYONGYANG — Immediately after the United States, Russia, China, the UK, France, and Iran announced yesterday a framework for de-nuking Iran, a solitary reporter, ever observant, spotted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu trying to eat kimchi with North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un, in a public café in Kim Il-song Square. Netanyahu was seated next to a North Korean minder who steadfastly refused to provide Netanyahu with water as the Israeli leader tried unsuccessfully to swallow the café’s notoriously hot and spicy kimchi.

“Thank you, Mr. Supreme Leader,” Netanyahu began, between gasps, “for permitting me to visit you. I have brought a lot of shekels with which to purchase some of your nukes.”

“You can probably guess what I’m going to do with them, even though it’s not your business.”

“Don’t tell anybody, but we have nukes too, but for what I’m about to do, I need only dirty nukes so I can bomb Iran.”

“I’m saving my own nukes for Egypt."

But Kim stared Netanyahu down and demanded dollars.

As of press time, Netanyahu was desperately looking for his cell phone to call the Mossad, having forgotten that North Korean agents had confiscated his cell phone at the airport.

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