CLEVELAND — Yesterday, at a Town Hall meeting here in Cleveland, where the GOP will hold its convention next year to nominate either Ben Carson or Benjamin Netanyahu for president, President Barack Obama, fresh from a meeting in Canberra with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, proposed mandatory voting in elections for all federal offices in the United States. The president was escorted into the Town Hall by a solitary reporter. Australia has mandatory voting.

“My good friend Tony Abbott,” the president said, “pointed out to me that millions of people in the United States don’t vote, because they are disgusted at the political process, or because they feel powerless, so the only sensible thing is to join Australia and 21 other countries which require people to vote.”

As soon as the president uttered these prophetic and timely words, Congressman Ken Buck (R.-Colorado) filed Articles of Impeachment against Obama.

Buck, who came within a few thousand votes of defeating Sen. Michael Bennet for the Senate in 2010, is well-known in Colorado for his insensitivity to women. While District Attorney in Greeley, he refused to prosecute a rape case in which the victim and the rapist had a transcribed conversation in which the perpetrator agreed that he had raped his victim. He also agrees with Oklahoma's Sen. James Inhofe, the nation’s highest  elected official who denies that climate change is caused by humans.

House Speaker John Boehner referred Buck’s impeachment motion to the Committee on the Judiciary, chaired by Bob Goodlatte (R.-Virginia). Goodlatte said that a hearing in the matter is really not necessary, but that he would hold one anyway just for the sake of appearances.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was outraged, condemning the Republicans’ moves as a mere diversionary tactic to take the voters’ minds off the president’s mandatory voting proposal.

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