CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE, COLORADO — Early this morning, firebrand political activists Tom Morris and Dave Felice, loyal Democrats both, descended on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning at his home here in this wealthy southern suburb of Denver and roused him from his sick bed, urging him to move immediately to Denver to challenge Denver Mayor Michael B Hancock, who is running for reelection in May. Morris and Felice were accompanied by a solitary reporter.

Yesterday, at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, Manning, who came down with the flu during the previous night, and who also suffered a thigh injury during the game, led his Broncos to their fourth straight AFC West title by defeating the San Diego Chargers, 22-10. At 38, Manning is touted by many sports enthusiasts as the best quarterback ever to play in the NFL.

Hancock, young, short, ambitious, and bald, has no declared opponent, but has angered numerous civic activists because of his determination to, among other civic sins, relegate Denver’s crown jewel municipal Park, City Park, to third world status by putting a regional attraction, “City Loop," in one of the few unspoiled areas of the park. City Park already has two major regional attractions, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo. The nonsensical plan for City Loop was aborted earlier this year after intense neighborhood opposition led by Morris, Felice, and numerous others.

As Morris and Felice spoke with an unusually drowsy Manning, the famous quarterback said, “I’m a Republican, which means that I would be a logical guy to tackle Hancock. On the other hand, you're Democrats, so what’s in it for you?”

Morris and Felice calmly explained that it would be a great thing for Denver to have such a star as Manning as a Denver resident, but they were very clear in explaining to Manning that their primary motivation is to put somebody in the mayor’s office who can clean up the major problems in the Sheriff’s office and keep the developers from ruining the Mile High City.

As of press time, Manning had not given an answer.

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