DENVER — Today, the Denver Post did something unusual.

In its Editorial Page, the Post strongly criticized a Republican politician.

The editorial, titled “New Beauprez ad dives into gutter,“ discusses campaign tactics perpetrated by GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez, who had pledged to run only positive ads on television. Beauprez’ campaign style reminds your solitary reporter of the attack style of hyenas. 

The Post’s editorial begins, “Seriously, Bob Beauprez. Do you want to cap your campaign in the waning days of voting with a sleazy ad suggesting Gov. John Hickenlooper's administration is recklessly releasing murderous felons onto the streets?”

The editorial was referring to a Beauprez ad attacking Colorado’s Democratic governor by implying that the governor should have kept two prisoners in prison even though they had completed their sentences. By law, those two prisoners had to be released.

The wise words of the Post’s editorial board have struck the solitary reporter with the thought that if Beauprez wins the election — and a recent Quinnipiac University poll showed him ahead of the governor by ten points — most likely, Beauprez would appoint himself as the head of the Colorado Department of Corrections. (A recent Quinnipiac poll showed the two in close to a statistical dead heat.)

All day, the solitary reporter has been speculating as to whether, if elected, Beauprez would order the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration to hire only Republicans as prison guards.

Beauprez is also a gun rights advocate, and he has vowed to seek repeal of sensible gun control legislation signed by Hickenlooper. Hickenlooper’s wise action became immensely controversial among gun rights advocates, who engineered the defeat of two Democratic state senators who had supported the legislation; a third was forced to resign to keep the State Senate in Democratic hands, 18-17.

The election will be held on November 4. Ballots were mailed on October 14.

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