GLENDALE, COLORADO — Famed rapper Snoop Dogg will be headlining a multi-day music and comedy festival in the Denver area on Halloween weekend, just a few days before the general election. Snoop will be performing and raising awareness for Independent gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon, who is the Libertarian Mayor of this Arapahoe County exclave of 4,184 people. Glendale is completely surrounded by the City and County of Denver.

Dunafon, 60, manages a well-known strip club, Shotgun Willie’s, which is owned by his wife, Debbie. He refuses to accept any campaign contributions from anyone, is fiercely pro-marijuana, and vows, if elected, to champion the Second Amendment. His mantra is “Critical Thinking,” and he is critical of everyone except himself.

Snoop Dogg endorsed Ron Paul during the 2012 Republican primary season, but voted for President Obama. He has added more than a minute of rhymes to Dunafon’s campaign song, “The Trap,” which Dunafon created with hip-hopper Wyclif Jean; you can listen to a portion of the song at the beginning of

A solitary reporter, desirous of becoming a Democratic Party undercover operative, called Mayor Dunafon today, offering to gather at least 60,000 Libertarians (including all the dancers at Shotgun Willie’s) to attend the festival, in hopes that they will all vote for Dunafon, producing a massive shift of votes away from GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez, resulting in a huge win for embattled Gov. John Hickenlooper, a pro-business Democrat.

However, a Republican mole in Dunafon’s campaign learned about the solitary reporter’s strategy and outed the solitary reporter, claiming that the solitary reporter would be guilty of felonious theft, but the solitary reporter persisted despite the mole’s intimidating tactics.

Our faithful readers will have to await the outcome of the November 4 election to learn whether the solitary reporter’s efforts have been successful.

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