LYONS, KANSAS — Dr. Milton Wolf,  42, an expert radiologist and the Tea Party candidate to take out Sen. Pat Roberts, 78, lost to Roberts, 48-41, in The Sunflower State’s Republican senatorial primary yesterday.


Wolf, President Obama’s second cousin once removed, campaigned vigorously against Roberts for endorsing former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a Democrat, for the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services.


Dr. Wolf favors a system of medical care in the United States run by private insurance companies, but President Obama knows better, according to Dr. Doug McVicar, our associate solitary reporter in Carroll County, New Hampshire.


The eminent clinical radiologist achieved notoriety during his insurgent campaign, which was backed by the Koch Brothers, when the Topeka Capital-Journal reported that in January 2010, the good doctor posted a collection of gruesome x-ray images of gunshot fatalities and medical injuries to his Facebook page, and participated in online commentary layered with macabre jokes and descriptions of carnage.


Reached at his farm here in Lyons, where he grew up, Dr. Wolf told a solitary reporter that he took x-rays of Roberts during a visit to Roberts’ home in a suburb of Washington. “SR,” Wolf explained, “I campaigned really hard against the old flattulist, pointing out to all Kansans that Pat really doesn't live here; but darn it all, my high-tech x-rays showed indisputably that the senator had actually visited here numerous times this year in his desperate attempt to keep his home outside Washington."


Reached by the solitary reporter at his office in Wichita, Charles Koch, one of the stars of Sons of Wichita: the Saga of the Koch Brothers, by Daniel Schulman, said that he is doing his utmost to defeat Tennessee’s senior senator, Lamar Alexander, who is being challenged by yet another Tea Party candidate, Joe Carr, in tomorrow’s primary. Count on details of that contest on Friday morning from our associate solitary reporter in Tennessee, Mary Scott.



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