MOSCOW – Last week, in Shanghai, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a 30-year, $400 billion gas deal with Chinese President Xi Jingpin. To get Russia’s immense supplies of natural gas from Russia to China, Putin will be building a pipeline costing many additional billions.


Exhilarated by this megadeal, and intent on continuing to humiliate President Obama on the world stage, Putin, moments ago, told a small gathering of reporters, including a solitary reporter and reporters from the European Union, how he can help the US solve its energy crisis.


“Since Obama can’t make up his mind on the Keystone Pipeline,” Putin said, “I will do that for him, so he can get Canadian crude oil from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico; and, for an extraordinarily high price, I will sell him a very small portion of our abundant supply of natural gas."


Informed of Putin’s offer in Mexico City while visiting Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Secretary of State John Kerry, in a rare departure from semi-polite diplomatic language, told Nieto, “Putin is nothing but a gasbag. He talks way too much.  Unfortunately these days we can’t shut him up.” Kerry was inspired in making that comment by Prince Charles’ recent comment to a Canadian woman, who had lost relatives in the Nazi Holocaust, in which he compared Putin to Hitler because of Putin’s land grab in Crimea and other actions in Ukraine. Kerry’s conversation with Nieto comes to us from associate solitary reporter Sylvia Toy.


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