ALL ACROSS AMERICA — As 1.3 million Americans look forward to losing their unemployment insurance benefits starting tomorrow, they all joined in an online chat group, organized by a solitary reporter, singing a brand-new song, “Happy Last Year.”


The solitary reporter explained to Stephen Colbert’s Nation that, rather than wishing everyone a Happy New Year, it makes more sense these days to wish people a Happy Last Year, because 2013 has not been a good year for President Obama, ever since Edward Snowden rose from total obscurity working deep in the bowels of the NSA to being an anti-iconic image seen around the world almost as frequently as that of Pope Francis. 


2013 has also been problematic for the president because Snowden, a computer genius, did not help out with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.


The solitary reporter overheard several members of Obama’s inner circle wishing that Congressional Republicans would shut down the government again, for purely political reasons, so they would have somebody else to blame for the nation’s ills.


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