KABUL — Afghan President Hamid Karzai has gone over to the Taliban.


Over the weekend, Karzai obtained the consent of the Loya Jirga, his Council of Elders, for a proposed Base Security Agreement, which would provide for a limited number of US military personnel in Afghanistan beginning in 2015 to continue propping up Karzai's corrupt government. And the Loya Jirga urged Karzai to sign it.


Which he won't, according to reports filed yesterday by The Washington Post and CNN, until he likes the agreement.


In an unannounced visit to Karzai's presidential palace, President Obama's National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, told Karzai that unless he signs the Base Security Agreement soon, the United States and its European allies will have no choice but to begin withdrawing battle-weary soldiers a lot sooner than Karzai would like.


“I am glad that my Loya Jirga is loyal to me, but I am loyal only to myself,” Karzai explained to Rice and a solitary reporter. “My neck is a lot more important than Obama's, and by going over to the Taliban now, I am saving my own neck.”


“To further placate the Taliban, Susie,” Karzai continued, “tell Barack that he has to give Mullah Omar, the spiritual leader of the Taliban, the $6.7 billion per month in military aid that he is now giving me.”


Hiding behind a curtain, and visible only to the solitary reporter, Mullah Omar sharpened his scimitar, whispering “I've been waiting to sever Karzai's head for a long time.” 

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