THE WHITE HOUSE — Yesterday's private lunch meeting between President Obama and former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was secretly observed by a solitary reporter hiding behind a curtain. The president had invited Romney to the White House to receive the benefit of the former Massachusetts governor's ideas on how to manage the federal government more efficiently.

Unnoticed by Romney, the solitary reporter heard the dethroned candidate give the following advice: "Mr. President, you should privatize the Treasury Department and turn it over to Bain Capital so I can outsource a lot of federal jobs to the Cayman Islands, where they really know how to make money. I know, I spend a lot of time there."

Momentarily perplexed, the president smiled indulgently at Romney and complimented him on his sense of humor, but Romney persisted and went on to tell Obama to turn over all lands owned by the Bureau of Land Management to private developers.

But the president had the last laugh. "Mitt, go tell Paul Ryan that you've just proved that you're a much more severe conservative than he has ever been."


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