BOCA RATON — Deeply frustrated over Mitt Romney's constant regurgitation of platitudes about alleged economic failures by his Administration, President Obama came within inches of plunging a bayonet into Romney's side at the conclusion of yesterday evening's debate here at Lynn University.

Romney was offended by the president's sarcastic comment that our military now has fewer bayonets than it had just before the United States entered World War I. This explains why Romney was thrown completely off stride when a backstage aide deftly tossed a bayonet to Obama, who then brandished it, abandoning his customary cool.

It was at this point that James Carville, the architect of Bill Clinton's ascendancy to the presidency in 1992, sitting on a panel with other CNN notables, erupted into laughter.

“Up to that moment,” Carville crowed, “the president had already nailed the debate, but when he lifted that bayonet up, it immediately erased any doubt that the president is our Commander-in-Chief.”


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