BOSTON — Still crowing after his testy encounter on Thursday with Vice-President Joe Biden, GOP Veep wannabe Paul Ryan has now attacked Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for failing to prevent the recent outbreak of fungal meningitis.

Campaigning here in one of Mitt Romney's numerous home states, Ryan said, “I voted to cut the funding of the FDA, which means that it's the FDA's fault for the deadly outbreak which has claimed the lives of 15 people in 14 states.”

Responding to Ryan's attack, Sebelius said, “It's the same gambit  the House Budget Committee Chair used against the Vice-President on Thursday when he attacked the president for not providing enough funds to secure the American Consulate in Benghazi -- even though he voted against that funding.”

Meanwhile, desperately trying to keep his Senate seat by appealing to fatcat donors, Republican Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown told a solitary reporter, “I'll do anything to keep that rogue pharmaceutical compound company, New England Compounding Center, alive.”


Dismissively, Brown's opponent, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren, said Brown should go back to fostering his centerfold business.

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