Newsom: "I run things in California, and I'm running for President"

Most people on the Left Coast are aware that California is a separate nation, because it has something like the world’s seventh largest economy.


It’s a big state.


The Lawrence Livermore Laboratory is in California. That’s where where scientists, after considerable effort, managed to produce Plus Energy, that is, making more energy by knocking two atoms together, than if they had never collided.


All this was announced today by Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat who used to be Governor of Michigan. Unlike her successor, Gretchen Whitmer, who almost got herself kidnapped by some of Donald Trump’s close personal friends, Granholm was never kidnapped.


None of that fusion thing woulda happened in Georgia (where Herschel Walker made a damn fool of himself because of Donald Trump), or Alabama, or Mississippi, or Louisiana, though it coulda happened in Texas, but it never.


Cutting straight to the chase, Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is Governor of California, and he is 55 and Joe Biden is 80, like your solitary reporter.


So we reached out to associate solitary reporter Frances Simpson, a cousin of your solitary reporter and a Democratic Party operative who lives in one of those numerous counties north of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Newsom just met privately with Simpson and told her, “Frances, I trust you because you are high up in the list of Democratic Party operatives here in California.”


“The next time you meet with President Biden in the White House, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t mention this to the President, because…..


“I’m running for President because the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory is in California, where I run things.”