Once Again, DeSantis Makes Moves Toward 2024, This Time with his Florida Guard Talk

Apocryphal Press was founded during the 1980s when your solitary reporter had a job he didn’t like.


“Apocryphal” refers to writings which didn’t make it into the Hebrew or Christian canons. It means hidden, or factitious, or fictional, or BS.


Always a Democrat (having voted for a Republican only once — because she was a woman who ran for Secretary of State of Colorado, back in the 70s) — your SR survived that job and went on to greater or lesser things.


In the course of his candidacy for the Unitarian Universalist ministry, he was mentored by none other than associate solitary reporter Jim Bob Hobarto, a recent recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, given annually by the Powers That Be in the Unitarian Universalist Association. Space limitations prevent our extolling Hobarto at any length, but we will say that he was born in Perusahaan, Indonesia, during the reign of Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia. Hobarto was mentored by both Sukarno and his successor, Suharto (1921-2008), whose dictatorial style Hobarto always emulated. 


As our AP expanded, it was greatly benefited by its close collaboration with associate solitary reporter Anthony Kenwood, a longtime resident of Jefferson County, Colorado. Kenwood is a computer genius, and that’s all we’ll say about him for the moment.


Republicans say they don’t like the federal government, but they sure like power.


To the extent that Donald Trump is a Republican (which is nominal — ask the Eisenhower, Rockefeller, and Jerry Ford Republicans, only there are very few left any more except for your solitary reporter’s longtime friend from boarding school, Sydney Williams III. Sydney is a retired stockbroker who is a political Independent, only he’s really a Republican. We’ve previously mentioned Sydney as the CEO of the NYSE, which is yet another example of your solitary reporter’s attempts at humor — anyway, it is worth asking whether the Eisenhower, Rockefeller, and Jerry Ford Republicans think that Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is doing the wrong thing by pushing for his own Florida Guard.


As reported today by CNN, DeSantis, one of Trump’s thousands of acolytes who hold elective office (don’t forget that Trump still yells that Biden stole the election from him), is now proposing to bring back the Florida Guard (https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/03/politics/ron-desantis-florida-civilian-force/index.html).


During World War II, there was a Florida Guard, not accountable to the Department of Defense, but it was disbanded after the war, only it can be brought back to life if DeSantis wants. That would give him even more cred with states-rights-minded gops.


So, as usual, we turned to our Chief Florida Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Jim Mangan, who lives someplace in the Sunshine State, but he’s been moving around so much recently that we really don’t know what part of Florida he’s been living in recently. Democrats in Florida have to be really careful these days because of people like DeSantis, especially if they’s been vaccinated and wear masks.


“SR,” Mangan dutifully texted us, “you gotta realize that DeSantis carries a lot of baggage. Sure, he wants to be President, but he’s not pretty; he’s a Trumpian through and through; and he can’t possibly get re-elected next year. Just pay no attention and keep writing all the rest of your anti-Republican stuff. I’ll always have your back, SR.”