Mics To Be Partly Offed on Thursday for Last Trump-Biden TV Contest

Even though Donald Trump yells all day long that He and He Only gets to tell the nongovernmental Commission on Presidential Debates what to do — and even though he keeps dissing the Commission and Moderator Kristen Welker — we here at AP were greatly encouraged to see Politico’s Matthew Choi and Alex Isenstadt’s post this evening that the Commission has announced that on Thursday, it will mic off Trump and Joe Biden — but only during their opening statements (https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/19/trump-campaign-protests-final-debate-topics-430201).


Welker is biracial, Native American and Black; and, as all observers already know full well, Trump has trouble with assertive women and with people of color. 


All of which means that when we are glued to the Tube on Thursday, Trump will be Trump and that Joe — while maybe tossing an insult or two at His Odiousness, but only when provoked — will be Joe Biden, a public servant with forty-seven years of public service.


We can’t let you go without mentioning that today Trump called Dr. Fauci, perhaps the world’s best respected expert on infectious diseases, an idiot.


Trump has never heard of Fyodor Dostoevsky, who wrote The Idiot, a novel about a man who was poorly understood by those in his circle.


And he never will.