Guess What? No, You Can't: Trump Wants Ann Coulter To Be His Next Attorney General

Everything is so totally boring these days.




William Barr is much more loyal to Donald Trump than to the Rule of Law.


But he’s been AG twice and that’s enough for him. He looks old, his skin is sagging.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who is DNC Chair Tom Perez’ White House mole, is with Trump 24/7, and for that reason, Melania is very suspicious, though she really has nothing to worry about.


The situation in Kenosha is truly alarming, with an unarmed Black man shot seven times in the back, with his three children in the car.


And then, a 17-year old Trumpite thug from nearby Illinois shows up, claiming he’s the only one who can restore calm to the streets of Kenosha, and he shoots three people while the police ignore him, even after bystanders tell police that he’s the shooter.


Enter Ann Coulter, a provacateuse if there ever was one, who yells that she wants the shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, to be her bodyguard, and, in the twinkling of an eye, she says she wants him to be her president (


What gives?


What does give is that Jones was with Trump as he tweeted that as soon as his Second or Third Term begins, he’ll dump Barr and nominate Coulter to be his Attorney General. After all, she is a lawyer.