McConnell On Wine Caves; Bloomberg Tells ASR Sherman He'll Finance Klobuchar's Campaign Until Super Tuesday

The other day, Oklahoma native and onetime Republican Elizabeth Warren went after Pete Buttigieg during the PBS/Politico presidential debate.


That’s because Mayor Pete’s leading in Iowa, and Elizabeth (“Medicare for All Only I Dunno How I’m Gonna Pay for It”) Warren is evidently slipping there, and then she'll be going head to head against Bernie in New Hampshire.


She said he held a private funder in a wine cave in Kamala Harris’ California (a separate nation in many ways) where the wine went for $900 per glass, with crystals and other stuff.


Buttigieg, who’s just as quick on his feet as she is, shot back that she took money from her Senate campaign, raised in big and quite possibly also private events, and then put it into her presidential campaign.


Mayor Pete also jabbed her hard on what he said is a "Purity Test."


On Robert Costa’s "Washington Week in Review" on Friday, NPR’s Ayesha Roscoe said that the dustup between Mayor Pete and the Bay State’s Senior Senator was pretty much a draw.


Donald Trump’s closest ally in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, aka Senator No, and the most powerful Member of Congress on the GOP side (he’s doing hiis utmost to encase the federal judiciary into a rigid right-wing mode, forever) won’t agree with Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney can be called as a witness in the upcoming Senate trial of the most intemperate, mendacious, outrageous, and most corrupt man ever to sit in the White House. 


So Pelosi has exerted maximum leverage on Kentucky’s senior senator, because she won’t send the Articles of Impeachment to him until she is assured that it will be a fair trial, even though the outcome is certain to ensure that Mike Pence will still be Trump’s lackey come springtime.


As far as the former Indiana conservative radio talk show host is concerned, there ain’t much pure about Mayor Pete because Pence, who is Trump’s liaison with the evangelicals, has grossly misread his Bible.


Our Chief Congressional Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, was in Louisville at McConnell’s home this evening, where he told her that he expects Pelosi to rely on snail mail or the Pony Express to transmit the Articles of Impeachment to him, in a mistaken effort to embarrass her.


McConnell also told ASR Smith that during the Congressional recess, he expects that Pelosi, Warren, and Buttigieg will all hide out in a California wine cave owned by a Democratic billionaire other than Michael Bloomberg.


Speaking of Bllomberg, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman just visited with him, and he told her, “Susanna, I’m worth fifty-eight billion dollars, I’m much richer than Trump, and I’m much, much smarter than he is, so I can afford to finance Amy Klobuchar’s campaign, and when she loses to me in the primary on Super Tuesday in March, and after I secure the nomination, I’ll tap her to be my running

mate — and she’s a lot younger than I am, and she’s feisty and good on her feet, and she’s a woman from a state that Trump almost won.”


Sherman and Smith promptly texted DNC Chair Tom Perez and us.