Barr Indicts Mueller for Failure to Adulate Trump

Yesteray was a marathon, exhausting day for former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


He didn’t want to testify before House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler or House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.


He would have preferred to offer his Report as Exhibit A and then leave.


Instead, GOP Congressmen like Louie Gohmert of Texas and Jim Jordan of Ohio lambasted him with the rudest of insults.


When the hearing before Rep. Schiff was concluded, Mueller thought he could leave and spend a quiet evening at home with his wife, Ann Standish.


But then Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Attorney General William Barr, barged in, brandishing an indictment and an arrest warrant. Barr is, incidentally, very pleased with himself because he has just authorized executions for five men on federal death row.


The indictment states that in his testimony yesterday, Mueller failed to express admiration and, more importantly, adulation for Trump.


As associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman watched in disbelief, FBI Director Christopher Wray led Mueller away in handcuffs.


But ACLU President Susan Herman sprang into action and rushed to Mueller’s defense, promising that Mueller would soon be able to say exactly what he thinks of Trump without the filter of TV cameras.