Trump's Close Personal Friend David Pecker Has Done It Again By Trying to Blackmail Bezos

Donald Trump has lots of slimy friends.


David Pecker is one of them.


Pecker [sic!] is the publisher, through his AMI, of the tabloid The National Enquirer, which pays its sources.


The National Enquirer is a big supporter of Trump and Trumpism.


Pecker’s the guy who orchestrated hush money payments through Trump’s former fixer-lawyer, Michael Cohen, to Karen McDougal, who says she had a months-long affair with Trump. Pecker did a "catch and kill" on that story — he bought the story, then killed it by not publishing it, so he could help his close personal friend Donald Trump in 2016.


Trump, our Denier-in-Chief and Liar-in-Chief, says he never had an affair with McDougal or pornstar Stormy Daniels.


As CNN reported today (, Pecker and his friends at the Enquirer tried to blackmail Jeff Bezos by threatening to run photos of Bezos with a pretty woman other than the woman from whom he is being divorced.


Bezos, the Amazon wunderkind, owns The Washington Post.


And he used his platform there to expose Pecker’s attempted blackmail.


As we said, Pecker’s done it again, and since Trump never reads anything but is constantly glued to the tube (Fox News), he is, no doubt, solidly in Pecker’s corner, because he doesn’t like the WaPo and he doesn’t like the Times, and, as we’ve said before (, everybody at Fox News is working on his behalf.