Iraqi PM Wants Trump to Build A Wall Around Iraq to Keep Americans Out

In the Middle East, hospitality goes only so far.


Bush Two invited us into Iraq with disastrous consequences.


He said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, so he invited us into Iraq, and we’re still there.


Mosul is in ruins after the Iraqi Army, with heavy tactical support from us, expelled ISIS.


After Donald Trump made a surprise visit to Al Asad Air Base far west of Baghdad, without going to Baghdad to visit Iraqi leaders, the Iraqi leaders now want Trump to pull all his troopos out of their country (


Our chief international correspondent, associate soitary reporter Larry Theis, met this morning with Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi.


“We want Trump to build a wall all around our country specifically designed to keep all Americans out,” Abdul-Mahdi said. “And he can pay for it with his own money since Congress won’t build a wall for him in his own country.”


Wearing a yellow vest, Theis thanked the Prime Minister and boarded a private plane to take him to Paris for an exclusive audience with French President Emmanuel Macron.