What A Name The National Enquirer's Owner Has --- And What He's Done With It!

It’s unbelievable to all sensible Americans that Donald Trump is allowed to sit in his Oval Office, with nobody around him who can talk him out of all the nefarious things he does.


How he got there is a matter of great interest to prosecutors, and not just Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Trump has always gotten what he wants, whether it’s legal or illegal.


Until now.


In the United States, Puritanism has a long history, and that includes how Americans view human sexuality.


Anybody who has ever stood in the checkout line at a supermarket has seen The National Enquirer. It’s constantly filled with lurid, tawdry accounts of scandals of all sorts, especially sexual scandals, and it pays sources for their stories, a practice openly frowned on by the mainstream meda.


For our part, we here at AP never pay nothin’ for our sources. We just read, watch, or listen to what’s out there and then assemble our by now very large pool of associate solitary reporters and do what we do.


The Enquirer is owned by American Public Media, and its Chairman and CEO is David Pecker. 


True! That’s his name!


Our job here at AP is to spin fantasy out of stuff that really happens, but the guy who titillates readers with his tabloid really has that name. We didn’t make it up.


And Pecker and Trump are buddies. No doubt, Hugh Hefner was envious of Pecker’s name and would’ve wanted it for his very own.


Trump’s quest for constant, immediate gratification, including sexual gratification, has led him into many sexual activities which are frowned upon even in post-Puritan America.


Playboy Playmate of the Month Karen McDougal says (and why not believe her?) that she had a ten-month affair with Trump. He denies it, but when McDougal was getting ready to go public with her story, right before the 2016 election, Pecker’s National Enquirer paid her $150,000 in a “catch and kill” operation — namely, she promised not to say anything about her affair with Trump, and the Enquirer wouldn’t publish the story — but The Wall Street Journal did. All this, to help Trump get to where he is today. It’s a blatant violation of campaign finance laws. 


Now prosecutors in the Southern District of New York have reached a plea deal with Pecker & Co. in which Pecker admits to all this (https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/12/media/american-media-inc-southern-district-new-york/index.html).


President Bill Clinton, during no holds-barred Independent Counsel Ken Starr’s investigation into Clinton’s sex life, had to have his private part looked at as part of Starr’s investigation. 


And though what Trump’s done is far worse than anythng that Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton ever did, so far, Trump hasn’t yet had to undergo what President Clinton had to do.


But if that were to happen, David Pecker would be at Trump’s side supporting him.


No wonder Trump is worried about being impeached.


Elsewhere, former FLOTUS Michelle Obama is, at this very moment, at a book-signing event at the world’s best indy bookstore, The Tattered Cover, in Denver.


Associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson, the Moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association, is there. He just asked Ms. Obama to run for president. She agreed, the crowd erupted in ecstasy, and all the remaining candidates to run against Trump in 2020 immediately withdrew.