Because Pelosi Won't Yield, Trump's Going to Win in 2020

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has no real opposition to her drive to become Speaker once again ( She got through the private Dem caucus yesterday, but she has strong opposition from within her own caucus. She will need 218 votes in early January so, she may need some Republican votes.


Her opponents in the Democratic caucus want her to promise to serve as Speaker for only one more term, but she won’t agree. She’s tough as nails.


We’ve reported on this before:, in which we predicted that our friend Congressman-elect Joe Neguse would be a great Speaker. Unfortunately in our view, though Joe’s a really great guy, he’s supporting Pelosi.


So associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson asked Congressman-elect Jason Crow, whoi defeated longtime GOP Congressman Mike Coffman in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, whether he’d be interested in being Speaker. Crow’s a former Army Ranger, he’s a very smart lawyer, and he’s only 39.


“The best way to get Donald Trump out on the range where he would not be able to hold obnoxious rallies would be to elect as Speaker someone other than Nancy Pelosi, since she’s been such an easy taget for the Republicans for many years now.”


“So yes, Lewis, I’m willing to challenge Pelosi, because if we don’t get a true rising star in there, the Republicans will continue their messaging war agaisnt Pelosi, and he’ll win in 2020.”