Trump's Definition of Freedom

Donald Trump is (at least for now) a Republican, and, as we have posted here before, Republicans will do anything to prevail in elections.


Because Trump is such a successful (but only with his base) liar, he’s been tweeting totally false claims about the still unresolved election for governor and senator in Florida — a state he is sure to lose iin 2020, even though Florida’s a swing state.


Not only that, he insisted that the Arizona senate election to fill Jeff Flake’s seat be redone — only his surrogate, Martha McSally, has just lost to Democrat Kyrsten Lea Sinema (McSally has conceded).


Today, CNN’s Chris Cilliza got it totally right when he wrote: “What Donald Trump’s fact-free claims about elections in Florida and Arizona tell us about 2020 (


When associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, who is one of our chief Washington correspondents, saw that, she immediately contacted her colleague, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who is with Trump 24/7. Jones promptly replied to Sherman, saying, “Susanna, the only freedom that Donald Trump believes in, is his freedom to tell lies.”