Zinke Will Soon Be Riding His Own Horse Back to Montana

Donald Trump praised disgraced EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt effusively until he fired him over numerous misdeeds including being way too cozy with lobbyists as well as installing some sort of bizarre telephone booth in his office.


Trump’s Interior Secretary, a former Congressman from Montana, is Ryan Zinke.


On his first day on the job, he rode a National Park Service horse to work.


But Zinke’s been investigated by his own Inspector General, and Trump’s Justice Department is considering filing criminal charges against him.


Seems Zinke likes to get free travel for his wife, Lola.


And that he is very cozy with Halliburton Chairman David Lesar.


Not only that, he wants an even more important job in Trump’s administration (https://www.politico.com/story/2018/11/05/trump-ryan-zinke-support-investigation-927527).


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones learned moments ago that on Wednesday, Chief of Staff John Kelly will tell Zinke to get on his own horse and ride all the way back to Montana — where he may even run for governor in 2020.