After Praising Montana Republican Congressman for Slugging a Reporter, Trump Tells FBI to Round Up All Reporters Who Disrespect Him

Yesterday, Donald Trump, desperate to keep Mitch McConnell in charge of the Senate, campaigned yesterday against Democratic senator John Tester in Missoula, Montana.


There, he praised Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte (one of the wealthiest Members of Congress) for slugging a reporter in May

2017 — even though Gianforte later apologized and completed his court-ordered anger management training.


Trump, always a showman, thinks he's funny (guess what? he’s not) so he loves to hold rallies in red states (never in states that Hillary won), so he makes off the cuff remarks to rev up his adoring crowds.


Fearing that Saudi Arabia will cut off oil to his worldwide holdings, Trump is playing with fire by backing Saudi Arabia’s MbS in the Khashoggi scandal, buying the Saudi line pretty much hook line and sinker, saying that it was unfortunate that Jamal Khashoggi died in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, but insisting on completing his big arms sale.


So Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman orders the killing of a Saudi national and a journalist — in a foreign country no less — and Trump praises a member of his own rapidly decaying party for assaulting a reporter? 


After he returned from Missoula to his Oval Office, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones clearly heard Trump call FBI Director Christopher Wray and order him to detain all media reporters or pundits who say anything disrespectful about him.


“Chris,” Trump said, “I want you to round up all the reporters who don’t like me, and that’s all of them except Hannity and his friends at Fox. But Kelly keeps telling me to be more careful about what I say, even though my instincts are always perfect.”


We have not yet had time to get inside Director Wray’s head about this, but never fear, AP fans, we’ll keep you posted on this and all other developments in Washington and around the world.