Trump Names Himself the Only RNC Superdelegate, Then Lambastes Kasich

Earlier today, the Democratic National Committee met in Chicago to consider the hot-button issue of whether to continue, at their convention in 2020, to give priority in picking delegates to Democratic governors and members of Congress — which the party’s base has, especially since 2016, strongly resisted. And today, the reformers celebrated by depriving superdelegates of their automatic status on the first ballot (


Moments ago, as he was admiring himself in the mirror, Donald Trump asked his aide-de-camp, General John Kelly, to explain to him what a superdelegate is.


“Sir, for the Democrats, a superdelegate is an elected Democrat who doesn’t have to be elected at his party’s caucuses and conventions. Instead, a Democratic Congressman gets to be a delegate at their party’s convention just because he’s a Congressman, because he’s a superdelegate.”


“John, that sounds like a good idea, but in my case, I should be the only delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2020, because I’m the only one who counts. I told my supporters in 2016 that I’m the only one who can make America great, and I’ve been doing a fantastic job. Tell the RNC to change the rules right along those lines.”


A true soldier, Kelly called RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, who immediately complied, even though she’s the niece of Mitt Romney, who will be a thorn in Trump’s side when he wins his Senate race in Utah.


In other news, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s noose around Trump grows tighter and tighter, Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced that he’s taking Trump on in 2020.


Since The National Enquirer’s David Pecker’s flip against Trump was announced yesterday, that’s the only news that the mainstream media have talked about. So, when Kelly told Trump about Kasich’s plans, Trump immediately said, “Kasich will never be able to get his pecker up, but for me, that’s never been a problem.”


Eavesdropping on their conversation, Melania immediately tweeted that her husband had told yet another in his constant stream of lies.