New Hampshire's GOP Gov Admits That Trump Is Extremely Erratic

MADISON, NEW HAMPSHIRE — The Sununu Family is very powerful in New Hampshire, and they are all Republicans. Chris Sununu is the current Gov of the Granite State.


Associate solitary reporter Maggie Johannson went to the Madison Boulder today, in northern New Hampshire. The Madison Boulder is 23 feet high, 37 feet front-to-back, and 85 feet left to right.


The Madison Boulder is a glacial erratic — the largest in the United States.


ASR Johannson was pleased to hear her governor tell her in confidence, “You know, Magggie, I voted for Donald Trump, but as everybody knows, he is by far and away the most erratic dude ever to sit in the Oval Office.”


Johannson curtseyed and told Sununu she will not vote for him despite the fact that he is slowly by slowly gaining knowledge of the political party to which he adheres.