Melania Launches New Line of Clothing

Melania made a surprise visit to Texas yesterday and showed up at a child detention facility, to see how badly her husband has been treating migrant children separated from their parents at the border. 


A former fashion model, and, thus, always stylish to a fault, she chose a $39 Zara jacket emblazoned on the back with “I Really Don’t Care — Do U?” ( 


This produced an immediate scramble in the necessarily large communications operation of the West Wing.


Some say that “I Really Don’t Care — Do U?” refers to the Fake Media.


But associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones knows better.


After Melania returned to the White House, still wearing the same jacket, Melania went straight to Jones to explain.


“Johanna,” Melania said, “I don’t care about my husband. I don’t care about those children separated from their parents. I just want to go home to Slovenia.”


“But I do care -- a lot -- about money, so I am going to start a new line of clothing. The brand will be 'I Really Don’t Care — Do U?’ "


“There will be variations, many variations, on that.”


“It will also include ‘Womp Womp,’ from Donald’s close personal friend, Corey Lewandowski."


(“Womp womp” is how Lewandowski (in)famously responded to criticism of how the Department of Homeland Security handled the forced separation of a ten-year old Down Syndrome girl from her parents (


Immediately, her husband’s advance men made arrangements for Melania to make an unannounced visit to her native Slovenia.


Don’t expect to see Melania back in the USA any time soon.