Trump Orders Elaborate Going Away Party at Mar-a-Lago for Michael Cohen Before His Sing Sing Incarceration

One of Donald Trump’s numerous personal lawyers, Michael Cohen, is on his way to prison.


Not quite yet though.


First, there will be a trial, and a conviction. Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman is firmly convinced that the majority of the jurors will be Muslim women, Latinas, and African American women. No Jewish women on the jury.


Stephanie Clifford will not be on the jury.


In today’s Politico, Associated Press (a subsidiary of Apocryphal Press), writes (“Cohen partner pleads guilty in deal requiring cooperation”) about the guilty plea of Cohen’s partner, Evgeny Freidman (


Freidman is well known in Manhattan as the Taxi King. He pleaded guilty yesterday in Albany in an Empire State tax fraud case, after prosecutors charged him with placing, directly into his own deep pockets, a mere five million dollars in mandatory per ride transportation fees.


The plea deal requires Friedman to cooperate with prosecutors.


ASR Sherman interviewed Friedman in the well of the Albany courtroom before he was taken away by the deputy sheriffs.


“I’ve always known that Michael Cohen is a total scumbag,” Friedman told Sherman. “I got the goods on him.”


ASR Sherman immediately told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones about what Friedman had just said and, as is her constant habit (but Jones is not a nun, anything but) our most important associate solitary reporter immediately told Trump.


Of course, Trump has no positive regard at all for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, but that didn’t stop him. Trump immediately picked up his high-risk cell phone and tried to reach the governor, but was immediately rebuffed by Cuomo’s chief of staff.


Increasingly furious, and knowing full well that Friedman, by his testimony, is going to send Cohen to Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York, Trump told General John Kelly to prepare an extremely elaborate going away party for Cohen at Mar-a-Lago.


ASR was not invited to the party, but that did not phase her in the least.