Trump's DHS Secretary Prepares for Putin's Takeover of Whatever Trump Can't Figure Out

In 1966, in his first film role, Alan Arkin solved all problems between the Soviet Union and the United States in The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming.


Donald Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, supposedly a national security expert, and who used to be White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly’s Deputy Chief of Staff at the White House, said in a congressional hearing not so long ago that she was unaware of the intelligence community's unanimous conclusion that Russia did its utmost to undermine our democracy in 2016 (


Vladimir Putin didn’t like Hillary Clinton, but he clearly wanted Trump to win the 2016 presidential election.


It’s also clear that Putin and his well-trusted band of hackers insist on disrupting our mid-term elections this year.


The well-developed plan of Putin & Co. is, essentially, to undermine our democracy without nuking us.


That’s because Putin, who actually, unlike Trump, knows what he wants and how to get it, is playing Trump for a dumb s___.


So is Kim Jong-un, by the way (


Trump knows he’s gonna lose the mid-terms bigtime, so his loudest and least-qualified mouthpiece, Rudy Giuliani, who thinks he knows everything and that he can do everything, is trying to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller III to finish up his investigation into Russian collusion with the 2016 Trump campaign, quick-quick (


Moments ago, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones spoke with the third Mrs. Trump.


“I miss Slovenia so very much,” Melania said. “And what’s his name just appointed me as his Ambassadress to my homeland.”


“I’m taking Barron with me. Byebye.”


Jones also asked Trump, shortly before he threw her onto the White House lawn for the fifteenth time, when he plans to resign. That was right after Trump told Jones that the fourth Mrs. Trump will be Karen McDougal.