Trump Tastes Weed at Rose Gaden Event

The most self-obsessed tenant of the White House ever, with no previous military experience or having been elected to anything, went to the Rose Garden yesterday, purporting to jump hard on the “middlemen” in the pharmaceutical industry as well as on Big Pharma (


Naturally enough, Donald Trump had a lot of sycophants at the event.


As observed only by associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, Donald Trump’s longtime personal physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein (the man in Manhattan who, if not wearing a physician’s white coat, would look like either a druggie or a homeless guy), slipped him a reefer — a form of marijuana — to calm Trump down.


It didn’t do much good. Trump gestured and fulminated, offered few specifics, and then slipped back into his office, where he received a briefing from Defense Secretary James Mattis on the ongoing hostilities between Israel and Iran, and on how easily Kim Jong-un could manipulate him in Singapore on June 12.