Raul Castro Tells San Antonio's Castro Twins That They are Fidel's Illegitimate Sons; Cornyn et al. Are Not So Sure About Trump in 2020

86-year-old Raul Castro is still in charge of Cuba’s Communist Party, even though he just turned over the government to 57-year old electrical engineer Miguel Díaz-Canel.


Our chief international correspondent and associate solitary reporter Larry Theis (who is fluent in Spanish and numerous other languages, including Mongolian, Belarusian, Chechen, Georgian, and Swahili) interviewed Raul this morning. “Raul, mi viejo amigo, tienes solo 86  años, entonces, qué siege en tu futuro?"  ("Raul, old buddy, you're only 86, so what comes next for you in your life?”)


Tengo algo que decirles a los hermanos Castro en San Antonio” (“I have something to say to the Castro brothers in San Antonio”).


Raul was referring to 43 year old Joaquin Castro, a Democratic Congressman from San Antonio, and his twin brother, Julian Castro, who was mayor of San Antonio and then President Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Community Development. Hillary almost tapped Julian as her running mate in 2016.


Entonces, qué quieres decir a Julian y Joaquin?” ("So what do you want to say to the Castro brothers?”)


Voy a decirles que son los hijos secretos de Fidel” (I’m gonna tell them that they are Fidel’s illegitimate sons.”)


As Raul hobbled off the plane at Washington National Airport with Theis, he immediately spotted Joaquin as he was fleeing the District of Columbia. 


No puedo tolerar estar en el Washington de Trump! Esta completamente loco y esta arruinando nuestro país!” (“I can’t stand being in Trump’s Washington any more! He’s completely crazy and he’s ruining our country!”)


Wasting no time, Raul told Joaquin about his parentage.


Adivinia qué?" the Congressman said. "Siempre me pregunté porqué quería ir a Cuba y mata a ese tipo.”  (“I always wondered why I wanted to go to Cuba and kill that guy.”)


In other news, the Lone Star State’s senior senator, John Cornyn, and other GOP Members of Congress, are wondering out loud whether they can support Trump when he runs for reelection in 2020.(https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/19/politics/congress-republicans-trump-second-term/index.html).


What Sen. Cornyn fails to grasp is that well before then, Trump will be gone.


Ask McConnell.