LaPierre Sings the Praises of Nikolas Cruz

Wayne LaPierre, the top gunslinger at the NRA (which is largely funded by the gun manufacturers), loves to shoot down (pun intended) Democrats, who, generally speaking, advocate for sensible curbs on gun violence.


For example, bans on assault weapons such as the AR-15 — a military weapon.


When Sandy Hook happened, LaPierre said that the only way to protect against a bad guy with a gun, is to have a good guy with a gun. Then he advocated for armed staffers in our schools.


Now, at the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) just outside our Nation’s Capital, sponsored by the American Conservative Union, he’s gone after “the Left” and Democrats for coming up with agitators who criticize the gun lobby.


Evidently, LaPierre is tone deaf to the thousands of high school students who are demanding that their legislators take sensible action to protect them.


Even Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican with an A+ rating from the NRA who is expected to challenge Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Florida) in November, has proposed very modest changes to Florida’s gun laws. Florida has historically been very friendly to the gun lobby. An angry nineteen year old man, Nikolas Cruz, who massacred seventeen people at Parkland High School, bought his AR-15 legally, in the Sunshine State.


Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman confronted LaPierre backstage after his very predictable rant against Democrats.


A very strong woman, Sherman asked LaPierre what he would have done about the confessed nineteen year old killer at Parkland High School.


LaPierre castigated Sherman for assaulting American freedoms, and said “Nikolas Cruz is an American hero. We need more brave, patriotic Americans like Nikolas.”


“Every American is entitled to have as many assault weapons as he or she wants.”


“With no background checks."