Bangladesh's PM Lambasts Trump for Defaming Dhaka

DHAKA, BANGLADESH — As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell prepares today to attempt the impossible – that is, to save Donald Trump’s butt on the federal government shutdown, for which Trump and McConnell are solelyresponsible — Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina Wazed (শেখ হাসিনা ওয়াজেদ), lashed out at Trump’s blatant xenophobia.


Mrs. Hasina was interviewed by our chief international correspondent and associate solitary reporter, Larry Theis.


“Donald Trump’s hatred of immigrants,” Mrs. Hasina began, "particularly his insistence on closing out the extremely sensible DACA program, and thereby shutting down the US federal government, has already resulted in a permanent black eye for the United States."


“Mr. Trump is the laughing stock of all nations."


“We here in Dhaka,” she continued, "are very concerned that our wonderful city, the beautiful and affluent capital of the third largest Muslim majority nation in the world, is being maligned by that idiot, because DACA is pronounced the same as our fair city of nearly nineteen million.”


When Theis asked the Prime Minister whether she would consider asking Trump to accept at least 77,000 stateless Rohingya Muslims from Burma, all of whom fled from Myanmar/Burma because of extreme religious persecution by Burmese Buddhists, she, although by reputation a very nice lady, laughed out loud, saying “Mr. Theis, you are an extremely naïve reporter.”


“You should go back to Denver and tell your boss, the solitary reporter, that we have no interest in asking Mr. Trump for anything, because he doesn’t even know where Bangladesh is.”