Best 2018 Predictions, Brought to You by The Dallas Morning News' Carl Leubsdorf

Today, a column by The Dallas Morning News' Carl Leubsdorf appeared in The Denver Post.


Immediately, all our associate solitary reporters took note.


Every sentence contains a prediction of which we approve, with wild enthusiasm.


For example, Leubsdorf begins, “With job approval at 38 percent,… Donald Trump announces White House shake-up, naming Gen. John Kelly chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, and, with Middle East negotiations moribund, son-in-law Jared Kushner as chief of staff.”


And that’s just for starters.


For February, “Independent Counsel Robert Mueller announces perjury indictment of Kushner, charging multiple incorrect statements in federal filings. Communications Director Hope Hicks becomes chief of staff. Attorney General Jeff Sessions appoints Ken Starr as special counsel to investigate the role of Hillary and Bill Clinton in selling US uranium sites to Russian governmental company.”


March: "Federal judge throws out Starr appointment to probe Clintons and uranium deal, citing statute of limitations.”


April: “Hope Hicks indicted for misleading statements to congressional committee; Donald Trump Jr. becomes chief of staff."


May:  "House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announces next term will be her last.”


June:  "Secretary of State Rex Tillerson resigns, replaced by Sen. Bob Corker.”


July: “Trump accuses Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer of plotting to keep him from naming new justices by staying alive.”


August: “Independent Counsel Mueller accuses Green Party leader Jill Stein of colluding with Russia and Trump campaign to drain off Democratic votes.”


September: “Polls show Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders lead race with 12 and 10 percent.”


October: “Democrats say priority if they win Congress will be infrastructure spending; Trump says that is really code for impeaching him.”


November: “House GOP ousts entire leadership, picking Freedom Caucus chair Rep. Mark Meadows as leader.”


December: “Twenty-seven Democrats announce intention to seek presidency in 2020.”


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, speaking on behalf of the entire galaxy of associate solitary reporters, said, “We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves."