How One Courageous Evangelical Leader Will Help Take Down Trump; ASR Jones Endorses Cary Kennedy for Governor of Colorado

Tiffany Stanley’s article in today’s Politico narrates the story of Jen Hatmaker: Everybody please read it!


Until last fall, Jen Hatmaker was a household name in evangelical circles.


This is how Stanley tells it: ”During the campaign, as other white evangelicals coalesced around the Republican nominee, Hatmaker effectively joined the coterie of 'Never Trump' evangelicals, telling her more than half a million Facebook followers that Trump made her ‘sad and horrified and despondent.’ After the ’Access Hollywood’ tape leaked and prominent evangelical men came to Trump’s defense, she tweeted: “We will not forget. Nor will we forget the Christian leaders that betrayed their sisters in Christ for power.’ Then… she made what was a stunning admission for her evangelical community: she said she supported same-sex relationships."


From that point on, she was ostracized by her fellow evangelicals. The sponsor of her tour canceled it. Her books were pulled off the shelves.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones is one of the leaders of The Resistance. As soon as Jones read Stanley’s article, she enlisted Hatmaker, who has now officially changed her party registration from Republican to Democratic.


Look to see Hatmaker endorsing Sen. Kirsten Gillbrand for president, soon (Jones is undecided in that regard whether to support Gillibrand or Kamala Harris or Tim Kaine). But Jones strongly supports Cary Kennedy for Governor of Colorado. Kennedy is the only one in the crowded Democratic primary who has nine years of executive experience in Colorado government.